Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Hello and welcome fellow sci-fi & fantasy fans, today you will take your first step into a world where you will witness wonders of science and life's fantastic inner and other worldly dimensions as you never seen before, a journey you will never forget, of fascination and astonishment. Please follow me in this blog as I share these articles and images for not only my amusement but yours as well.
 Sounded kool huh? I actually made that up just now. Feel free to comment about anything here if you want as long as it is about science fiction or fantasy, this is mainly for entertainment and has nothing to do with my illustration business or clothing brand so I won't be posting updates or up and coming designs here just pure unadulterated sci-fi and fantasy. For that you would want to go here MERCHATTACKS!

 Yep, just another blog sharing photos and discussions all about Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff. I might post some images of convention happenings, movie scene screengrabs and even old or new undiscovered movies I just watched for the first time to work-in-process shots of sculpts, maquette's, model kits or anything that has to do with sci-fi and fantasy. Hope you like it and as that pointy eared fella always says...
Live long and prosper.

                                                Stay tuned for more...

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